b'87644 648RUGS, CARPETS & TEXTILES644 649 654A vintage Turkish kilim, A fine Persian silk hand-woven rug A hand-woven tribal rug with bold orange early to mid 20th century, with floral motif, late 20th century, colours, 20th century,230 x 143cm 190 x 120cm 155 x 125cm$150250 $1,0001,500$150250645 650 655A vintage Turkoman hand-woven rug, A hand-knotted red patterned tribal rug,A vintage hand-woven tribal runner rug, mid to late 20th century, mid 20th century, early 20th century,185 x 123cm 160 x 85cm 296 x 82cm$200300 $150250$150250 646 651 656A hand-knotted tribal rug, 20th century, A Turkoman pink and gold coloured Two hand-woven red patterned tribal 168 x 107cm hand-knotted rug, 20th century, mats, 20th century,$250350 160 x 93cm 95 x 72cm each (2)$150250$120200 647A Persian silk and cotton hand-woven652 657runner rug, late 20th century, A Pakistani red patterned tribal rug,Two hand-woven red and black patterned 245 x 78cm 20th century, tribal mats, 20th century,$250350165 x 93cm 104 x 63cm each (2)$150250$120200 648A Persian hand-woven silk rug, 653 658late 20th century, A vintage hand-knotted Turkoman rug,A hand-knotted blue and yellow patterned 190 x 122cm circa 1920s, rug, 20th century,$6001,000 160 x 107cm 130 x 78cm$200300 $60100 '