b'65476 486A Chinese bronze and cloisonn,Two Chinese paintings on silk and rice jardinire, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, paper, 20th centuryfour character mark to base, both framed and glazed,16cm high, 21cm diameter the larger 99 x 47cm overall (2)$200300$150250 477 487Chinese hard stone carvings, cinnabarA pair of Chinese cloisonn vases, lacquered boxes, four scent bottles and20th century,an agate dish, early to mid 20th century,23cm high (2)the boxes 9cm high (9) $120200 $120200 488478 A Chinese blanc de chine porcelain A Chinese cast bronze statue of a seatedstatue, 20th century,warrior, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, 26cm high12cm high $120200 $150250489479 A Tibetan pendant, 19th century,A Chinese carved timber table lamp base,framed and mounted,circa 1930s, the pendant 5 x 5cm,63cm high frame 26 x 26cm overall$120200$100200 478480 490Two Chinese carved jade amulets A tall Chinese porcelain vase with black and a pi disc, background and elephant head handles, the disc 6cm diameter 20th century,$8012047cm high$200300 481 491A set of six Chinese glass opium bottles with internal river scene decoration,A heavy Chinese bronze charger 20th century, engraved with dragon decoration, 7.5cm high (6) 19th/20th century,$100200six character mark to base,38cm diameter$150250 482A Chinese reticulated porcelain492lidded vase on later timber stand, 19th/20th century, Two traditional Karen garments, 10.5cm high overall Thai/Burma origin, 20th century (2)$150240$6080 483 493An antique Chinese deed box, motherSix assorted carved ivory of pearl and lacquer with koi carp motif,items, Chinese and Indian, Qing Dynasty, 19th century,19th and 20th century,12cm high, 28cm wide, 21cm deep the largest 11cm high (6)$120200$200300 484 494A Chinese carved and lacquered timberFour assorted vintage and antique panel, 20th century, Chinese opium pipes, cloisonn, framed and mounted, porcelain and metal,28 x 50cm overall late 19th and 20th century,$80120the largest 26cm high (4)$150250 485 495Chinese carved wooden statue, Canton ware jars, pair of Japanese lacqueredA fine Japanese bronze vase decorated vases and two cups and saucers, with iris in silver and copper, Meiji period,19th and 20th century, silver seal mark to base,the largest 38cm high (12) 32cm high$100200$8001,000495'