b'120955 956TRIBAL ARTEFACTS &957 962A food bowl, carved wood and pipedHand blown large glass jar with metal lid, ARTWORKS clay, Huon Gulf, Papua New Guinea,together with a Sussex birch wood trug, 20th century, 20th century,954 50cm wide the jar 34cm high, 21cm wide (2)Two flute stoppers, carved wood, feather,$100200$4060 shell, bamboo and pigment, Papua New Guinea origin, 20th century, 958 963figural example 88cm high (2) Six assorted African carvings, wood andA set of four cast iron hitching posts, $150250chalk stone, Makopnde tribe, Tanzania19th century,and Mozambique, circa 1970s, 152cm high (4)955 the largest 24cm high (6) $400600 An exceptional Idoma ivory bracelet,$100200 Nigeria, 19th century, 96412cm wide. An antique decoy duck, carved timber COLLECTABLES - GENERAL with remains of original hand-painted PROVENANCE finish plus glass eyes, 19th century,The Jason Earle-Sprague Collection$400600 959 43cm longAn antique folding timber tripod,$250350956 late 19th centuryfolds to 45cm high 965Kupee wrist ornament, marine ivory,$4060 An apprentice bureau, mahogany, cedar, Hawaii origin, 19th century, oak and pine, 20th century,4cm wide.960 31cm high, 28cm wide, 20cm deepPROVENANCE Five assorted antique pharmacy bottles,$350450The Jason Earle-Sprague Collection 19th century,$1,2002,000 the largest 48cm high (5) 966$200300A salesmans sample folding iron bed with original mattress and additional quilt, 961 19th century,Two antique Scandinavian wooden37cm high, 56cm wide, 27cm deepmeasures, 19th century, $150250 the larger example carved on the lid ANUL 1853, L.F. 6 LITRI, 96727cm and 17cm high (2) A Magic Lantern slide viewer, $200300 19th century,964'