b'122980991978 984 990A vintage cane picnic basket,Eleven antique coat hooks, gilt metal andAn antique telescopic survey rule,early 20th century, porcelain, 19th century, extends from 5ft to 14ft43cm high, 50cm wide, 40cm deep the largest 18cm high (11) $120200 $80120$60100 991979 985 An antique English theodolite,A woven cane apple basket together withAntique copper oil pourer, car horns,33cm highan antique basket, padlock, pulley, brass doorknob,$250350the apple basket 60cm diameter (2) ashtray, lens and gilt metal decoration, $8010019th and 20th century, 992the oil pourer 15cm high, 31cm wide (9)$100200Two floral displays in glass domes, 980 19th and 20th century,An antique cast iron knife cleaner madethe larger 31cm highby A. McMillan Federal, 19th century, 986 $150250 36cm high Champion bench mount vintage $150250 corkscrew, 20th century, 99330cm high$100200A vintage tripod instrument stand, 981 hardwood and metal, early 20th century,An antique cast iron coffee mill with165cm highbrass makers plaque C. & T. Clark & Co.987 $150250 Improved Coffee Mill, 19th century, Japanese pottery tea set, baby rattle, 20cm high miniature wall clock and a billiard cue box,994$6010020th century,the box 79cm long (4) Pip, Squeak & Wilfred ceramic salt $4060& pepper shakers and mustard pot 982 condiment set, c.1920s, tallest 7cm.An American bench mount vegetable$150250 slicer by L. ANDERS, FRARY &988CLARK, painted cast iron and steel,A faux crocodile skin slimline suitcase,995late 19th century, circa 1900,37cm high 45cm high, 73cm wide, 14cm deep A replica human skeleton medical display $60100$120200by Welch of Chicago, USA,203cm on stand983 989 $300500 A No.8 antique goffering iron by A.An English oak wall barometer,KENRICK & SONS, late 19th century, pipe rack and an antique wood plane, 36cm long 19th and early 20th century,$60100the barometer 28cm high (3)$100200 '