b'15212821285SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS: Trio of ceramic items comprising Bashful playing violin figural vase, Sleepy figurine and Dopey standing again a wooden fence figural piece; c.1940s, tallest 18cm. (3)$1502501286DISMAL DESMOND: rare celluloid Dalmatian Dog(missing tail), pull-out tape measure; c.mid-1920s, height 4.5cm, width 4cm.The Dismal Desmond character was created for childrens magazine Toby by Ian Hassall.1280 $1502501280 1287SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS: rare plated brass napkinFELIX THE CAT: rare celluloid pull-out tape measure in the rings (4) with enamelled dwarf decorations, comprising Docform of Felixs head, the pull-out tongue missing; c.mid-1920s, (2), Happy and Dopey; late 1930s, length of each 6cm. (4). height 4.5cm, width 4cm.$150250 $1502501281 1288SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS: complete set of ceramicFELIX THE CAT: rare hollow lead figurine with Felix in figural toothbrush holders by S.Maw & Son (England), all butThumbing Nose posture, made by Pixyland (London, England); three marked Genuine/Walt Disney/Copyright/Foreign onc.1920s, height 5.5cm.base; c.1930s, tallest (Snow White) 14.5cm, dwarfs 10cm. (8) $150250$300400 1282 1289FELIX THE CAT: painted lead figurine showing Felix walking SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS: complete set of hollowwith hands behind his back, height 7cm; also rare early celluloid ceramic figurines, made in Japan; c.1940s-50s, tallest (Snowfigure of Felix (facial damage), made in Japan, height 9cm;White) 21cm, dwarfs 14-15cm. (8) both items c.1920s. (2)$300400 $120200 1283SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS: incomplete set of hollow ceramic figurines, some duplicated, comprising Snow White, Bashful (2), Sleepy (2), Grumpy (2) & Dopey; made in Japan; c.1940s-50s, tallest (Snow White) 21cm, dwarfs 14-15cm. (8)$200300 1284SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS: complete set of ceramic figurines by Wade Ceramics (England), c.1980s, tallest (Snow White) 10cm. (8)$2503501286'