b'99766763 769Two antique cameo brooches, twoA four strand 9ct rose gold bracelet, silver brooches, gold plated kookaburralate 19th early 20th century,brooch and assorted earrings,stamped 375,19th and 20th century (11) 13.5 grams$120200$250350764 770 767Three antique 9ct gold bar brooches,An antique pocket compact, 19th and early 20th century, silver and blue enamel, 11 grams total (3) early 20th century,$2503504.5cm high$200300 765An antique 9ct yellow gold brooch,771circa 1900, Antique jewellery including a gold stamped H.H. 9ct, and pietra dura brooch (damaged), 4cm wide, 6.2 grams coral brooch, New Zealand green $250350 stone (nephrite) brooch, Edwardian gold brooch with sapphires and seed 766 pearls, a Colonial gold and ruby brooch (damaged), a Scottish silver thistle An antique 9ct rose gold bangle,brooch, silver bangle (damaged), all early 20th century, housed in an antique box branded stamped 9ct, 375, T. GAUNT, Melbourne,8.5cm diameter, internal size 6.5cm,the New Zealand bar brooch 7.5cm wide 35.5 grams (8)$600800 $200300 767 772An antique 9ct rose gold curb linkRose gold necklace, 9ct gold bar brooch, bracelet with two heart locks, gold locket, Masonic medal, gold lined each link stamped 9c, heart locket, Albertina fob chain and a 26.5 grams gold filled bangle,$600800 approximate gold weight 12 grams (7)$200300 768Three assorted gold rings set with stones773including diamonds, emeralds and pearl, Three assorted gold rings with stones 9.2 grams total (3) including diamonds and emeralds, $20030019th and 20th century,5.9 grams total (3)$250350 769'