b'44322 328 334Three carved walking sticks including anAn antique walking stick with marineAn antique walking stick with carved Indian elephant head, blackthorn withivory carved fist handle, gilt metalwooden horse head handle, ivory eyes, animals head handle and a carved cross- mounts, ebony shaft and bone ferrule,sterling silver collar and fiddleback shaft, hatched example, 19th century, 19th century,the largest 92cm high (3) 82cm long missing ferrule,$150250$350450 94cm long$250350 323 329A horse measuring walking stick,A walking stick with an eastern carved33519th century, marine ivory handle, English sterlingAn antique walking stick with carved horn 95cm high silver top, cane shaft and brass ferrule,dogs head handle, silver collar, ebony $25035019th century, shaft and brass ferrule, 19th century,98cm high 83cm high324 $300500$250350 Two English glass walking sticks, 19th century, 330 336120cm and 121cm long (2) A walking stick with carved IndianAn antique English walking stick with $250350timber sandalwood handle, silver collar,carved wooden handle sterling silver fiddleback shaft and brass ferrule,collar, cane shaft and brass ferrule, 325 19th century, circa 1900,90cm high 87cm highAn antique English walking stick with$300400 $200300 gold plated mounts, horn handle, cane shaft and horn ferrule, 19th century,with makers plaque331 337BEARD & Co. KIRKBY, A walking stick with Thai silver handle,An antique walking stick with carved 85cm high ebonized shaft and brass ferrule,ivory handle, rose gold plated collar,$20030019th century, cane shaft and ivory ferrule, 19th century,92cm high 88cm high326 $150250$200300 An antique walking stick with gilt metal handle, mother of pearl collar, ebony332 338shaft and brass ferrule, 19th century, An antique walking stick with parrot headEquine statue, cast bronze and marble, 86cm high handle, ebony shaft and later rubbersigned ANDRE, early 20th century,$200200ferrule, 19th century, 21.5cm high, 17.5cm wide, 10cm deep87cm high $150250 327 $350450An antique walking stick with carved horn339dogs head handle, gilt metal collar, ebony333 A begging dog car mascot, chromed cast shaft and brass ferrule, 19th century, A walking stick with spherical tigermetal on later turned wooden plinth, 86cm high eye handle, silver and gold platedcirca 1930s,$300400 collars, cane shaft and metal ferrule,19cm high overall19th century, $25035083cm high$200300340A figural car mascot, chromed cast metal on later ebonized wooden plinth, circa 1920s,19.5cm high overall$200300 341LOUIS LE JEUNE Alvis car mascot, chromed cast metal on later ebonized timber base, circa 1930s,signed A.E.L.,16.5cm high overall$500700342A chrome greyhound car mascot, circa 1930,9cm high, 16.5cm long$250350332 327 328 330'