b'114907ARTIST UNKNOWN (20TH CENTURY),potato pickers,pencil on paper,signed lower left Chas. Sherratt (?), 1948,24 x 55cm$120200908CHARLES BAUDELAIRE,Spleen de Paris, Edition illustree etornee par le peintre dEssertine,Theoule sur Mer [France] : Phillipe Gonin, 1942.Quarto, original hand-lettered wrappers, collated in sections, pp 81, bookplate to colophon leaf. Housed in faux leather portfolio with hand-lettered spiine (hinges split), faux leather slipcase. Limited edition of 20, of which this is no.6.Consists of 13 poems, extensively illustrated with gouache and watercolour portraits, still lifes, landscapes and initials. 905 This edition made on the initiative of Mr. Jean E. Bonna. Baudelaires Spleen de Paris (first published 1869) represents an important early precursor to literary modernism, written in newly created poetic prose to capture the essence of modern urban life. This war-time creation may have been intended to combat the images of destruction so prevalent in Europe at the time and, in turn, pays homage to Pissaro, Gaugin and other artists.$1,0001,500909EDITH M. FINCH (BRITISH, ACTIVE 1940s)907 The Solent,watercolour on card,signed and dated 1943 lower right,29 x 35.5cm.905 together with a similar, but untitledMAURICE MENARDEAUwatercolour, also signed lower right.(FRANCE, 1897-1977), 25 x 36cm., (2 items).$100200 chateau in landscape,oil on board, 910signed lower right AXEL HANSEN, Maurice Menardeau, (DANISH, 1913-1976),46 x 54cmBornholm,PROVENANCEThe Jason Earle-Sprague Collection oil on canvas, circa 1950,$8001,200 46 x 60cm.$100200906 911VIOLA P. WITT, ISIDORE ROSENSTOCK Lucerne, circa 1930s, (FRANCE, 1880 - 1956)watercolour, Still life with peonies,33 x 25cm. watercolour on card,$100200signed Rosenstock lower left,19 x 12.5cm,in a John Thallon frame (42 x 33cm).908 $200300 '