b'1431188MINIC (TRI-ANG):- Boxed - clockwork tin plate Jabberwock, felt tongue, in original box; with key, length 19cm; also clockwork tinplate fish without box and key; c.1950s. (2 items)$80120 1189TIMPO: - Boxed - The Ranch Series Wagon: American Frontier, die cast covered wagon, two horses and detachable seated wagoner (with wire whip), c.1940s, box 21x8cm.$150200 1190WELLS & CO: - Boxed - Disney: Mickey Mouse Drawing Tutor tinplate educational toy, Model 9/99, c.1950s, 48x21cm; also a rare early 1960sex 1195Mighty Weeties cereal box featuring a Free Walt Disney Comic promotion with Goofy & Willie Weeties (the cereals mascot) illustration, 20x30cm. (2 items)$1001501196BRITAINS: - Boxed - Royal Artillery Guns: comprising Royal 1191 Artillery Gun, Model No. 1201, length 12cm; Gun of the Royal BRITAINS: - Boxed - A Model Home Farm Series: hollowArtillery, Model No. 1292, length 11cm; Royal Artillery Gun cast lead figures in original boxes with Series No 10F (horse &and Ammunition (Ammunition missing), Model No.1263,hounds and sheep) & Series No 11f (cattle & farm workers) bothlength 9cm; c.1950s, largest box size 13.5 x 7 x 6cm.with box illustrations by Fred Whisstock, also Series 13F (trees$100200 & foliage), 17F (farm workers, small farm animals) & 18F (horses & miscellaneous figures), and a non-Britains box with horse- 1197drawn carts (2) & miscellaneous items; c.1930s-40s. (6 boxesBRITAINS: - Boxed - Military Searchlight: seldom offered Mobile containing 100+ items.) Searchlight, Model 9765, mounted on mobile screw jack chassis, $300400the box missing one flap; c.1962, box size 14.5 x 7 x 6cm.$120200 1192BRITAINS: - Boxed - Fordson Major Tractor: with Studded Metal1198Wheels and operator (damaged), Model No. 127F, tractor lengthBRITAINS: - Boxed - Rodeo Set: comprising hollow cast lead 10cm, box 12 x 6.5 x 7.5cm. mounted riders (3, two with lassos), figures on foot (2, one with $200300 lasso), seated figures (3) & cow (1), also bases (15) & wooden poles to construct the stockade; appears largely complete ex 1193 one base & one horse; box size 46 x 22.5cm.BRITAINS: - Boxed - Agricultural Transport: comprising Tumbrel$200300 Cart, Model No.4F, with Hay Ladders, farmer (with whip) and a seated figure; Horse Roller with Man, Model No 9F; Farmers1199Gig, Model 20F with seated operator; c.1950s, all with originalBRITAINS: - Boxed - State Coach of England: eight-horse-boxes, largest 14.5 x 7 x 6.5cm. (3 items) drawn carriage with the horses arranged in postillion mounted $120160pairs, plus two ceremonial outriders and a throne; c.1950s, total length 49cm, box length 55cm.1194 $120200 BRITAINS: - Boxed - Military Weaponry: comprising Motor Machine Gun Corps, Model No. 1793, motorcycle with machine1200gun mounted in sidecar, and detachable machine gun operative;BRITAINS: - Boxed - Yeoman of the Guard: Series No 1257 Bren Gun Carrier (With 3 Crew), Model No. 1876; Anti-Aircraftset of 8 hollow cast lead figures, articulated right arms holding Gun (2 Pounder, 40mm), Model No.1715; latter two itemsornamental partizans; some damage to box with missing edge damaged boxes; c.1950s, largest box size 10.5 x 7 x 5.5cm. flap, c.1950s, box size 28x17cm.$120200$100160 1195 1201BRITAINS: - Boxed - Military Equipment: with Sound Locator,BRITAINS: - Boxed - Zoo Animals: hollow cast lead selection Model No. 1638 (3), one an earlier box type with yellow labelcomprising Indian Elephant (No.901), Hippopotamus (No.905), inscribed A.A. Units of the British Army (locator has one tripodRhinoceros (No.908) & Brown Bear & Two Cubs (No.9005); leg detached); also Height Finder, Model No. 1729 (2), one anc.1950s, largest box size 12x9cm. (4)earlier box type with green label, the other with repaired tripod;$120160 plus Range Finder, Model No.1639; each model has hollow cast lead operator, the Sound Locator operators having articulated arms; c.1950s-early 1960s, some box damage, largest box size 8.5 x 7 x 4cm. (6)$150200'