b'15112721270PLUTO: painted and glazed ceramic figurine of Pluto in a crawling posture, designed by Mario Bandini for Zaccagnini Ceramics of Florence, Italy; c.1940s, length 30cm,1276height 12cm. The largest Pluto figurine we have seen.$4006001271 1277PLUTO: painted and glazed ceramic figurines (3, two identical)TOBY TORTOISE RETURNS: painted and glazed ceramic by Shaw/American Pottery, c.1940s, tallest 13cm, widest 17cm. toothbrush holder figurine (repaired foot) of Toby Tortoise wearing boxing gloves, Disney authorized product by Maw $150200of London with registration number on base; height 10.5cm; c. late 1930s.1272 $100200 POPEYE: triangular-shaped impressed metal sweet tin by Allens Confectionery (Australia), showing colourful image of Popeye at1278the Ships Wheel; c.1930s, 15 x 13cm; minor discolouration. SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS: Rare Dopey ceramic $120200 pie vent funnel; Australian, c.1930s, height 11cm.$1502501273POPEYE: memorabilia selection comprising identical ceramic1279Toothbrush Holders (2), c.1980s each 13cm high, made in Japan;SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS: ceramics selection with hollow lead figurine, with gold paint finish, height 7.5cm; PopeyeBashful & Happy figural toothbrush holders by S.Maw & watch; vintage bakelite silhouette tie pin; plus captionedSon (England), Dopey oil lamp base, Crown brand (Japan), ceramic teacup, saucers (2) and tea plate all stamped Made inBashful & Dopey egg cups stamped 1937/WD ENT/Made England, likely made by Biltons. (9 items). in Japan on base, plus three other dwarf figures, one grasping $120200egg timer, the other two with missing appendages; c.1930-40s, tallest 11cm. (8 items)1274 $150250POPEYE: brightly painted celluloid figurines (3), one with wind-up mechanism (no key) for movement of Popeyes head; c.1930s, all made in Japan, the tallest figure 15cm high. (3 items)$150250 1275THE THREE CABALLEROS: painted and glazed ceramic anthropomorphic figurines of Panchito Pistoles the Mexican Rooster stamped W93 & Italy on base, height 20cm, plus the Joe Carioca parrot character made by Modern Ceramic Products of Sydney, with the MCP foil sticker intact, height 15cm; c. mid 1940s. (2)$100200 1276THE THREE PIGS: rare wind-up toys with three celluloid pigs mounted upon a metal trapeze, each pig with impressed Walt Disney on reverse; made in Japan, c.1930s, width 28cm, height 28cm.$300500ex 1279 1278'