b'41299A Dieppe carved ivory figural group with a cockerel and two hounds, 19th century,6cm high, 9cm wide$250350 300A pair of English walnut tea304caddy boxes, 19th century,8.5cm high, 9cm wide, 9cm deep (2)$200300304301 An antique French musical glove box,gilt bronze with hand-painted miniature An antique English banjo barometer,top, 19th century,19th century, 10cm high, 32cm wide, 12cm deep95cm high $400600$300500303An unusual egg shaped double305302 ended scent bottle with silver caps,A miniature portrait painting of a girl A Victorian ceramic rams head19th century, in a blue dress, oil on gesso on board; architectural feature, 19th century, 7.5cm long together with a watercolour painting on 37cm high, 37cm wide, 30cm deep $200300card, 19th century,$30050011 x 15cm and 18 x 15cm (2)$150250 298297293'