b'1451216 12181212 1218Celluloid wind-up toys comprising Baby having Tantrum withDUELLING KNIGHTS: rare wind-up lithographed tinplate mechanism controlling arm and leg movement, Cat and Balltoy mounted on wheels, toy moves in a to-and-fro motion with movement enabling cat to chase the ball, Couple arm-in- when mechanism is activated; made in Germany c.1920s, arm carrying suitcase with wind-up mechanism (in suitcase)length 22cm, height 13cm.controlling leg movement, plus a long-legged African American$300400woman; all with faults, c.1930s, made in Japan, tallest 17cm.$1202001219LARGE WIND-UP LIMOUSINE: lithographed tinplate car by 1213 Distler (Germany), with green body, black roof, intact running DOLLS: comprising Armand Marseille with bisque head,boards, and uniformed driver, two opening doors; c.1920s, 21 (53cm), open mouth with upper teeth, period dress onlength 30cm, height 15cm.composite body, made in Germany; also Shirley Temple doll 21$200300 (53cm) composite doll, sleeping eyes; usual cracking/crazing and aged dress. (2 items)$150250 1214LITTLE BO PEEP & LAMB: celluloid and tinplate windup toy, lambs head bobs when in motion; made in Japan, c.1930s; height 16.5cm.$100200 1215KEWPIE DOLL: vintage German bisque doll,adorned in pink bow, c.1912-15, height 17cm.$80120 1216KRAUSE (WILHELM):- lithographed tinplate Carousel with four seated figures, the central pole sets the carousel in motion when pushed downwards; c.1920s, height 33cm.$2503501217LEHMANN/MASUYAMA: wind-up lithographed tinplate toy with Coolie pulling spoke-wheeled rickshaw with an Asian Lady passenger in floral costume; umbrella missing, c.1930s, length 16cm, height 15cm.$8001,000 1217'