b'75566574566 571 573An English Gothic style dumb waiter,A Scandinavian Empire style consoleAn Italian ornate gilt wood framed ornately carved in oak, 19th century, table with gilded claw feet, circa 1825, mirror, 19th century,93cm high, 120cm wide, 45cm deep 72 x 50cm 25017cm high, 97cm wide, 42cm deep$600800 $600800 $250350 567 572 574An English Gothic style mirror, ornatelyA convex circular gilt framed An early Scandinavian toilet mirror, carved in oak, 19th century, fruitwood with ivory knob, circa 1800, mirror with eagle crest, 92 x 61cm 68cm high 19th century,$250350$300500 65 x 43cm$200300568An antique lift top trunk, mahogany with brass bound corners and bun feet, 19th century,57cm high, 91cm wide, 50cm deep$400600 569An antique English spindle cradle, fruitwood and beech, 19th century,166cm high, 125cm wide, 54cm deep$400600570A Biedermeier Empire style pier mirror, mahogany with ormolu mounts and ebonised half columns, circa 1820,168 cm high, 80cm wide$600800569'