b'12543946Silver plated soup tureen and ladle, vegetable tureen, candelabra and two serving trays, 20th century,the soup tureen 26cm high,39 45 32cm across the handles (6)An antique snuff muff, horse hoof, Antique silver plated biscuit barrel,$120200 brass and silvered iron, inscribed cheese dish and cover, egg cruet, muffin CRESS 1884-1897, warmer, pickle set and sugar bowl, 479cm high, 11cm wide, 17cm deep 19th and early 20th century,Large silver plated meat platter, toast $250350 the largest 29cm high (6) rack, two gravy boats, three compotes, $120200five napkin rings, assorted condiments 40 and servers, 20th century,A large English silver plated meat dishthe platter 52cm wide (24)cover with engraved Greek key design$120200 and family crest, 19th century,29cm high, 51cm wide, 38cm deep$250350 41An English silver plated meat dish cover with engraved monogram, made by Walker & Hall, 19th century,28cm high, 46cm wide, 35cm deep$250350 42An English silver plated meat dish cover engraved with the McCULLOCH family crest, 19th century,21cm high, 30cm wide, 23cm deep$250350 43An antique silver plated mesh meat cover by James Dixon & Sons, 19th century,29cm high, 45cm wide, 36cm deep$200300 44An antique silver plated mesh meat cover, 19th century,23cm high, 36cm wide, 29cm deep$150250 49 48 56'