b'34249252249 254BJORN WIINBLAD Rosenthal A millefiori glass paperweight, Studio-Linie German art glass vase, 20th century,acid etched factory mark to base, 4.5cm high, 8cm diametersigned in design Bjorn Wiinblad, $6080 21cm high$200300 255An impressive art glass vase with glass 250 flower decoration, 20th century,STERINGE SLOTT Swedish art glass170cm highbowl, $200300 engraved Steringe Slott,21cm wide 256$100200KOSTA BODA Swedish art glass vase,engraved mark to base,251 24cm high, 24cm wideAn Italian ruby glass goblet and vase,$250350both with enamel floral decoration and gilded highlights, mid 20th century,34cm and 30cm high (2)$100200 252SEGUSO Murano glass statue of a Chinese kneeling figure, circa 1970,21.5cm high$300500253ST. LOUIS French crystal vase, 20th century,circular acid etched mark,20cm high, 17cm wide$80120 256 262'