b'123996 1004 1006A vintage black bakelite telephoneBunnykins wall clock, teapot, tea ware,Collection of sundries including watches, together with a brown bakelite and glasspiggy bank, German bisque porcelainmedallions, corkscrews, bottle openers, table lamp, circa 1930, dog statue, Royal Winton jug, golfingwallet with gold mount, ruler etc, (27)the lamp 37cm high (2) tankard, wall plate, mug and hand-painted$60100 $150250porcelain jewellery box, 20th century,the clock 20.5cm diameter (20)997 $60100 Ten vintage pond yachts,early to mid 20th century, 1005the longest hull 51cm (10) Four assorted decanters and a Chinese $120200blanc de chine teapot in basket, 19th and 20th century,998 the largest 24cm high (5)CHERRY CLUB vintage one arm$4060 bandit poker machine with keys, mid 20th century,75cm high, 48cm wide, 42cm deep$1,5002,500999ADVERTISING & EPHEMERA: selection with 1934 Victoria Centenary souvenir birthday cake in original packaging, Black Crows throat pastilles tin, Murattis After Lunch cigarette tin, Hoadleys ephemera, etc. (8 items)$6080 1000Two metal scissor head bird sculptures with bead tassel decoration, late 20th century,23cm and 21cm high (2)$250350 1001An American reproduction barometer, faux timber plastic case, circa 1960,42cm high$6080 1002Five assorted pocketknives and three pens, 20th century,the largest 15cm long (8)$80120 1003Vintage Sherrin football, Beatrice coffee grinder, vintage oil lamp, old dumbbell weight, Guinness advertising ware match vesta and a Courvoisier Cognac yellow plastic bowl,the lamp 38cm high (6)$60100 998'