b'1569 77 79A sterling silver antique travel set inAn English sterling silver three piece teaA pair of English sterling silver original leather case, retailed throughservice made in Birmingham, circa 1936, candlesticks by Mappin & Webb of W.E. JACKSON The Bag Storethe teapot 15cm high, 29cm wide,Sheffield, early 20th century,Nottingham, circa 1907, 1,190 grams total (3) 16.5cm high (2)the case 43cm wide $1,0001,500$300500$400600 78 8070 A German silver plated centre piece An English sterling silver sauce boat A sterling silver triple cigar case with giltwith original glass liner, circa 1900, by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield, wash interior together with two silver18cm high, 36cm wide 20th century,napkin rings, 19th and early 20th century, $15025015cm wide, 90 gramscigar case 13cm long, 157 grams total (3) $120200 $150250 71CHRISTOFLE French silver plated cutlery set for six, mid 20th century, (36 items),near mint condition,$300500 72Three antique silver plated vegetable tureens, late 19th century,14cm high, 30cm wide, 23cm deep (3)$120200 73Sterling silver mustard pot,salt cellar and pepper potwith two silver spoons,the pepper pot 8cm high,88 grams silver weight total (5)$100200 74German silver jewellery box, two dishes and a pair of cream jugs, early 20th century,crown and crescent 800 marks,the box 14cm wide (5)$200300 75An English sterling silver tea service by William Hutton & Sons, London, 1904,830 grams overall (3)$500750 76A leather hold all with six English sterling silver topped cut glass bottles, a jar and a brandy flask. Formerly the property of the famed Western Australian gold mining magnate Claude de Bernales who basically kept the State solvent during the Great Depression. This set bearing his monogram was originally housed in his Rolls Royce.38cm wide$400600 67'