b'40295291A small pair of French convex mirrorsin gilt metal frames, 19th century,18cm diameter (2)$120200 292A pair of French bronze two branch candelabra, mid 19th century,24cm high, 29cm wide (2) 295$400600 296An antique desk set with gilt bronze negro figure on an oval "800" silver base, 293 19th century,A pair of antique French candelabra, giltbronze marked "P.K.", base marked bronze and marble with five branches on"BERNDORF", 297original gilt wood stands, 19th century, 13cm high, 26cm wide An antique coin purse, carved ivory 60cm high (2) $400600 with blue silk compartment interior, $1,5002,500 circa 1860s,296 8cm high294 An American antique pocket watch stand$200300An antique French bronze framed with bell mechanism, bronze, porcelain, table mirror, 19th century, glass and gilded sterling silver, by Foster29842 x 27cm & Bailey, 19th century, An antique pepper mill, turned ivory, $120200stamped F. & B. STERLING, 19th century,22cm high 9cm high$450550 $250350292'