b'46ex 355355 361 366Two panels with representations ofGIUSEPPE ARMANI Florence ScultureFramed sampler, embroidery and a print, scenes from the Bayeux tapestry; TheDarte Tiger Lady statue, cast resin in19th and 20th century,fleet sets sail under the protection of theoriginal box, late 20th century, the largest frame 31 x 29cm overall (3)Pope & Here both French and English fell.43cm high $120200 Impasto on board, $120200 44 x 109cm each 367$100200 362 A Shaker style painted wooden box Antique wash jug, two porcelaintogether with two hand-painted wooden 356 jardinires, silver plated compote andboxes, late 20th century,No lot vase plus a W.&R. Carlton ware porcelainthe largest 42cm diameter (3)jug, 19th and 20th century, $60100 357 the wash jug 26cm high (6)A wall-mounted mirror in the form of a$80120368Spanish shuttered window, Remains of a collection including silver 91 x 80cm 363 plated ware, porcelain, glass and crystal, $150250Victorian pink glass jug, goblets, stein,19th and 20th century, (qty), (33)Italian urn, porcelain table ware, cloisonn$4060 358 box, jewellery boxes, swan condiments, Opera glasses, mantilla hair comb, threetankard etc, 369jewellery boxes, Chinese scent bottle,the urn 22cm high (32)commemorative medallions and Herend$100200Scandinavian art glass vases, ceramic porcelain dish, assorted carved stonevase, pot and dish plus a plastic water chess pieces (damaged), jug, 20th century,364 the blue glass vase 22.5cm high (6)the scent bottle 9.5cm high (13) An inlaid timber tray, jewellery box,$120200 $100200two Wedgwood dishes, a twin inkwell and a pair of glass stands,370359 19th and 20th century,Antique English porcelain jugs and bowls,the tray 41cm across the handles (7) French cabinet plates, Art Deco ruby glass lidded bowl, spinning tops and$80120plates, three glasses, statue three ceramic candle holders, and French green majolica dish, 19th and 20th century, 19th and 20th century, (12 Items),365 the majolica dish 25cm diameterthe taller jug 17cm high (11) An antique Bohemian blue glass and$80120 $60100gilt egg ornament, assorted dishes, lacquered box, elephant statue, porcelain 360 statue, glass candle holders, silver A pair of GERALDINE COOPER candleplaque and antique silver overlay vase, holders, black marble and bronze with19th and 20th century,glass shades, late 20th century. the box 23cm wide (13)Original purchase price in 1997 $1,330. $120200 71cm high (2)$400600ImagesLots with this symbol are illustrated online at www.leski.com.au'