b'38278 280278 279 280A travel case, tortoiseshell and boneAn Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam work box,A fine Georgian tea caddy, tortoiseshell with silver name plaque G.L. BLAKE,porcupine quill, bone, ebony, horn andand ivory with silver name plaque, 19th century, ivory on sandalwood, interior handsomelyearly 19th century,13cm high, 5.5cm wide, 3.5cm deep fitted with compartments and pinfitted with two compartments with $200300 cushions, early 19th century. Withtortoiseshell lids,accompanying contemporaneous note15cm high, 20cm wide, 13cm deepsaying it was left to S. Shotton in 1839. $1,5002,50015cm high, 22cm wide, 16cm deep$8001,200 281An Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam jewellery box, tortoiseshell, ivory and bone, circa 1840,8cm high, 19cm wide, 13cm deep$600800282An antique ivory calling card case, circa 1900,10.5cm high$250350 281284'