b'96742741740735 738An antique English bangle, 9ct gold setAn antique cameo pendant in rare with rubies and diamonds, hallmarked fortortoiseshell mount on matching chain, Sheffield, 19th century, late 19th century,housed in original plush fitted leather box, the pendant 7.5cm high, chain 66cm long7cm wide, 7.7 grams total $250350$1,0001,200739736 A bracelet, rose gold, natural turquoise An antique tortoiseshell necklace,and pearls,19th century, 18cm long104cm long $100200 $120200 740737 A large antique arrow bar brooch, 15ct A double strand antique tortoiseshellyellow gold with ornately carved coral necklace, 19th century, cupid head, 19th century,9cm long, 23 grams total70cm long$120200$600800741An antique rose gold and diamond solitaire bar brooch, circa 1900,5cm long, 4.6 grams total$250350742An antique rose gold bar brooch set with five large yellow topaz stones, circa 1900,5.5cm wide, 11.9 grams total$400600735 745'