b'28195 201ROYAL WORCESTER porcelain tureenThree Fornasetti inspired ceramic and two crescent shaped serving dishes,canisters, circa 2000,together with six DOULTON BURSLEMthe largest 33cm high (3)crescent shaped serving dishes,$120200 19th century,the tureen 21cm wide (9) 202$60100BELLEEK Irish porcelain milk jug and bowl, two CLARICE CLIFF Bizarre Ware 196 saucers, two WEDGWOOD jasper ware ROYAL CROWN DERBY demitasse boxes, a Toby jug, German plate, and pair set for six people, 20th century, of Portuguese porcelain candle sticks, stamped Royal Crown Derby, 20th century,Made In England (Bone China), the plate 19.5cm diameter (10)the saucers 13cm diameter (12) $80120 $80120 203197 Six assorted WEDGWOOD jasper ware Souvenir porcelain, vases, ornaments, porcelain plates together with seven tea ware etc, 19th and 20th century, Danish porcelain plates, 20th century,the largest 14cm high (23) the largest 23cm diameter (13)$60100$100200 190 198Porcelain vases, jugs, glass dome, pottery teapot and a metal and crystal 190 compote, 19th and 20th century,LLADRO Spanish porcelain bust the dome 43cm high (9)of a peasant girl, $120200 blue factory mark to base,33cm high 199$150250LIMOGES French porcelain urn, ewer, lidded jar and ashtray, 20th century, 191 together with two LIMOGES cabinet ROSENTHAL Studio-Linie Rut Brykplates, 19th century,teapot designed by TAPIO WIRKKALA,the urn 38cm high (6)circa 1979, $120200 retailed through Georges of Melbourne, with original documentation, 200factory mark to base,22.5cm high An antique Wedgewood Jasper $120200ware teapot, Basalt ware vase and a continental cherub vase, 19th century, the largest 21cm high (3)192 $100200 WEDGWOOD Butterfly Bloom English porcelain teapot, mint condition in box,12cm high, 20cm wide$6080 193English porcelain tea ware, antique porcelain jug, egg cup and plates, 19th and 20th century,the jug 17cm high (16)$80120 194A sang de boeuf pottery vase and alms bowl, 19th and 20th century,the vase 10cm high,the bowl 19cm diameter (2)$120200 208 206'