b'95731728732 734JEWELLERY, WATCHES & LUXURY ACCESSORIES727 731An antique Etruscan revival heavyAn antique yellow gold, amethyst and 18ct gold necklace, pearl bar brooch, most likely Georgian 44cm long, 68 grams earring converted in Victorian times $4,0006,000to a brooch, 7295cm wide, 6.2 grams total728 $300500An English Regency miniature portrait pendant/brooch, circa 1820, 7328cm high An antique English 9ct rose gold fob $8001,200 chain, late 19th century,stamped 375,9 with Birmingham 729 anchor,56cm long, 36 gramsA Georgian gold cross pendant with cut$8001,200stones, late 18th early 19th century,missing central stone, has been converted to a brooch, 733tests as 10ct gold or better. A 9ct gold ladies chatelaine mesh purse, 4cm high 19th century,$400600 stamped 375,7cm high, 4.5cm wide, 16.5 grams730 $400600An antique Chinese carved ivory brooch mounted in rose gold, mid 19th century, 7344.2cm high Forget Me Not antique yellow gold ring $200300entwined with finely braided hair and set with turquoise, early to mid 19th century,$400600733'