b'1421180BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Noahs Ark: with Noah & wife Emzara (2), plus 23 animals incl. Elephants (2), Camel, Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Polar Bear, Panda, Flamingo & Pelican, plus Ark constructed from plywood & cardboard Britains No. 1550. c.1950s, Ark length 30cm, height 16cm. (Ark + 26 figures).$100200 1181BRITAINS: - Cast Metal - Foliage: with various trees including Palm Trees (4), also hedgerow sections (4) and fences section (2); c.1950s, tallest piece (palm tree) 18cm. (23 items)$120160 1182VARIOUS: - Boxed - Vintage Small Toy Selection: with Britains Prairie Schooner comprising tin plate wagon with canopy, hollow cast lead horses (4) and two seated wagon occupants, appears complete; Britains Sentry Box (No.329) including hollow lead Guardsman; Charben clockwork Walking Barrow Boy in cast mazac (faults & no key); Crescent Toys Milk Bar cast lead and tin, including 3 lead figures, Urn, kitchen fascia & stools, some faults; Japanese made Knight Set comprising 10 hollow cast alloy Knights (five on horseback), several damaged; 1192 also Railway Modellers Hornby Trains O Gauge set of 12 Milk Cans and Lilliput World (W.Horton) O.O & H.O. Gauge set of 6 farmyard figures; total of seven boxed items, largest 33x30cm. (7)$120200 1175 1183BRITAINS/TIMPO: - Hollow Cast Lead Figures - NoveltyBRANCO: - Boxed - Mechanical Acrobat; wind-up mechanism Selection: including Cowboys (& Indian) and American Frontierwith original celluloid acrobat (15cm tall); acrobat swings types incl. Cowboy tied to tree, Rodeo Riders, Captain Marvel &vigorously when mechanism activated c. 1950s, with original Captain Marvel Junior, British Huntsmen on horseback, Gypsyillustrated box, 18 x 33cm.Caravan, Boy on a Swing, Dovecote, Religious figures, etc;$60100 c.1950s. Nice variety. (38 items)$2003001184JOHN F-DILLE Co: - Boxed - Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 1176 Card Game: complete with 35 evocatively illustrated cards, BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Snow White andplus How to Play card, within the original box; c. late 1930s, Seven Dwarfs: Snow White (3) and the Seven Dwarfs, plus anbox 10 x 12.5cm.extra Doc & Dopey; also Robin Hood and Old Mother$100200 Hubbard; c.1950s. (14 items)$60801185KOHLER:- Boxed - clockwork tin plate Swiss Maid with two 1177 geese, brightly painted original colours, in original box; missing Britains and Other Manufactures:- Cast Metal - Farmyard figureskey, c.1950s, length 17cm.& models: including horses & carts, tractor, sheds, bridge, hay$100200 barns, cattle troughs, quanity of fencing, horses, various farm workers, etc mostly c.1950s. (150+ items) 1186$240280LBZ (GERMANY):- Boxed: Pecking Bird tinplate money box with hand-cranking mechanism enabling a Woodpecker to grab 1178 coins placed in a slot on the outside of a birdbox; with original Britains:- Hollow Cast Lead - Farmyard figures: including horses,box, c.1950s, height 13cm.cattle, sheep & lambs, pigs, poultry; also sundry items including$100200 milk churns, hay stack and a wooden cottage (21 x 14cm, height 12cm); c.1950s. (100 items approx) 1187$160200MARKLINS: - Boxed - Train Set: c.1955 Series DA 846/3 set comprising HO Scale 2-6-2 locomotive (#23014) and tender, 1179 DB 0-6-0 class locomotive (#89028), plus three passenger BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Zoo Animals:carriages, goods wagon and two oil tankers, (no track); box 1950s group comprising Nile Crocodile, Lions (2), Walrus,43x29.5cmPolar Bears (2) and a Gorilla. (7 items). $200300 $6080 '