b'147123412301930s Univex 8mm Film Projector in case (33x28cm), plus selection of 8mm Films, about 50% are Disney/Mickey Mouse productions, including Donald in High Altitude, Mickeys Fly Trap & Plutos Fish Story (20); also Magic Lantern Slides (47) in variable condition. (68 items)$150250 1231DCMT LTD - Hopalong Cassidy Badges - Shop Display: c.1950s evocatively illustrated shop display card, with the 12 original badges intact, the badges with paper inserts showing actorex 1237William Boyd portraying Cassidy, overall 25 x 36mm.$20030012371232 MICKEY MOUSE WEEKLY: 1950s run of this popular magazine, tabloid format (36x27cm), the covers and J. & E. RANDALL/S.E.L.(UK): 1953 Television Viewer incentrespread cartoons in colour, comprising editions for original box (16x9x9cm), with original instructions and list of1950 (48), 1951 (52), 1952 (52), 1953 (52), 1955 (49), 1956 additional films available, plus two sets of Merit film strips(102, duplication), 1957 (52), 1958 (52) and 1959 (46); comprising Series A - Dan Dare, Harris Tweed & Jeff Arnoldgood condition (505).titles & Series B comprising three Dan Dare titles. (3 items) $600800$100150 1233 1238MICKEY & MINNIE MOUSE: early oval biscuit tin with BMW Z4 PEDAL CAR: made by Toys Toys (Italy) with adjustablelithographic illustration of Mickey & Minnie as a Just Married seat, rubber tyres, polyethylene bodywork, authentic carcouple in automobile,badges, made under licence from BMW, complete with ownersc 1930s. height 15.5cm, width 14cm.manual and original box; suitable for children 3 to 5 years old;$120200c.2002, length 108cm, width 52cm, weight 7.5kg$150250 1234MICKEY MOUSE: Ingersoll Pocket Watch; complete with fob, and in original box; in working order; c.1935, box 11.5 x 6cm.$1202001235MINNIE MOUSE: vintage Minnie Mouse money box, together with a reproduction cast iron money box, 20th century,14cm and 15cm high. (2)$100200 1236MINNIE MOUSE: triangular-shaped impressed metal sweet tin by Allens Confectionery (Australia), showing Minnie in a blue polka-dot skirt gasping a bunch of flowers; c.1930s, 15 x 13cm; minor discolouration.$120160 1238'