b'20133 140124 130 133SAMSON pair of French porcelain bustsTwo antique majolica fish jugs with pinkA classical scene ceramic relief plaque, titled LOUIS XIV and LAVALLIERE,glazed interiors, 19th century, 19th century,19th century, 26cm and 29cm high (2) 27 x 26cm16cm high and 14.5cm high (2) $120200$200300$150250131 134125 Two antique majolica fish jugs with darkAn English slipware pottery mixing bowl MEISSEN German porcelain statue,glaze and pink interiors, 19th century, and a tall pottery amphora style vase,19th century, 23cm and 27.5cm high (2) the vase 30cm high (2)blue factory mark, $120200 $120200 29cm high$120200132 135Three antique majolica fish jugs,Antique porcelain compote, savory 126 19th century, dish, porcelain tureen, serving dishes A large English ironstone porcelain 23cm, 25cm and 26cm high (3) and five French cabinet plates, meat platter, mid 19th century, $15025019th and 20th century, (10 items),54.5cm wide the compote 9cm high, 23cm diameter$200300$100200 127Four antique German bisque porcelain statues and two cream porcelain vases of organic form, 19th century,the largest 31cm high (6)$100200 128Two English majolica fish jugs, 19th century,20cm and 22cm high (2)$120200 129Two majolica fish jugs, 19th century,26cm and 28cm high (2)$120200 124 131'