b'60445 443438 442 443A Chinese circular coffee table,A Chinese occasional table, hand-paintedA Chinese hardwood yoke chair, carved rosewood with burr elm top,floral motif on gold background, 19th/20th century,early 20th century, Qing Dynasty, mid to late 19th century, 99cm high, 63cm across the arms35cm high, 83cm diameter 48cm wide, 48cm wide, 38cm deep $400600$300500 $200300 439A Chinese opium table, carved rosewood, early 20th century,33cm high, 99cm wide, 45cm deep$300500440An antique Chinese lacquered wedding cabinet, 19th century,172cm high, 70cm wide, 54cm deep$6001,000 441A Chinese export dressing table, fold-over top with hand-painted finish on gold background, Qing Dynasty, mid 19th century,83cm high, 62cm wide, 41cm deep$600800438'