b'91830 32Four English silver plated table centreAn English silver plated table pieces depicting Indian soldiers, bycentrepiece with mirrored top, Walker & Hall, 19th century. early to mid 19th century,Originally from the Officers mess 10cm high, 44cm wideBritish Army Barracks, Hyderabad, India. $400600 20cm and 24cm high (4)$600800 253125 An antique English sterling silver butter dish and cover with original glass bowl, A superb Russian silver spoon, by Chas. Thomas Fox & George Foxbeautifully enamelled with original giltof London, circa 1850,wash finish, circa 1889, 10cm high, 17cm wide,12cm long, 40 grams total silver weight 280 grams$1,0001,500 $400600 26An antique Russian silver iconin timber case, 19th century,29 x 25cm overall$1,0001,50027A set of six Russian silver teaspoonswith original gilt finish, 20th century,Soviet Russian assay marks,10.5cm long, 60 grams total (6)$200300 28A Burmese silver bowl, early 20th century,7.5cm high, 13cm diameter, 150 grams$250350 29A pair of English silver plated table centrepieces with figural columns depicting Indian soldiers,by Walker & Hall, 19th century.Originally from the Officers mess,British Army Barracks, Hyderabad, India.25cm and 27cm high (2)$40060029'