b'1501262 12661261 1267DONALD DUCK: brightly painted and glazed ceramic figurine ofLADY & THE TRAMP: painted and glazed small figurines Donald Duck playing golf (missing golf club), unmarked but likelyincluding Lady, Peg and various Pound Dog characters; Italian, possibly by Zaccagnini Ceramics; c.1940s, height 21cm,circa late 1950s. (12)width (at base) 13cm. $100200 $300400 12681262 LADY AND THE TRAMP: painted and glazed porcelain figurine DONALD DUCK: painted and glazed high quality ceramicof Scamp by Wade Porcelain (England), height 10cm; creamer by Wadeheath (England) depicting a long-billed Donald,c. mid 1950s.c.1930s, height 10cm. $100200 $15020012691263 PINOCCHIO: rare painted and glazed ceramic toothbrush holder DONALD DUCK: ceramic figurine lamp holder, stamped Crown/ figurine of Cleo (Geppettos pet fish), Disney authorized Disney/Lamp/Japan on base with adjacent Butterfly Brandsproduct by Maw of London (faded stamp on base) height 10cm; label; c.1930s, height 18cm. c. early 1940s$120200 $200300 1264DONALD DUCK: painted and glazed celluloid figurine of Donald with long beak; detachable head and jointed legs, made in Japan; c.1930s, height 23cm.$100150 1265DONALD DUCK & PLUTO: celluloid Donald Duck figurine with long beak and small non-webbed feet, height 8cm; also bisque Pluto salt shaker, height 10cm; both made in Japan; c.1930s. (2)$100200 1266DUMBO: painted and glazed ceramic figurines (2), the larger depicting Dumbo looking upwards, by Modern Ceramic Products (Sydney), both with MCP foil stickers intact;c. late 1940s, larger piece 11cm tall. (2)$15025012701263'