b'13110741077KRIESLER TOASTER brown bakelite mantel radio,23cm high, 29cm wide$2503501078A.W.A. brown bakelite vintage radio,18cm high, 27cm wide$120200 1079A.W.A. BIG BROTHER EMPIRE R52 Radiola brown bakelite mantel radio,34cm high, 34cm wide 1075 1079$6008001082 10841080 AIRZONE console radio in walnutThree A.W.A. Empire State cigarette BANG & OLUFSEN BeoSoundcase with magic eye, together withcases,Century-2000 sound system, contemporaneous New Zealand Radio8cm high (3)(Designed by David Lewis and inTimes with same model on the cover $600800production from 1993-2004) 92cm high, 62cm wide, 37cm deep (2)$120200$400600 1081 1083BRUNSWICK cabinet Gramophone,COLUMBIA Viva-Tonal Grafonola early 20th century, portable gramophone in leatherette case,98cm high, 55cm wide, 54cm deep 19cm high, 30cm wide, 41cm deep$400600$150200 1084'