b'70538A Japanese Kutani ware porcelain plate with floral decoration in clouds, Meiji period, 19th century,eight character mark to base,20cm diameter$150250539A Japanese Shibayama pot on carved wooden stand, Meiji Period,with numerous losses,66cm high$300500 540A Japanese three sectional elm bento box in original wooden box, Meiji period,20cm high$120200 541Japanese Imari pottery fruit bowl together with two Japanese pottery tea bowls, 19th and 20th century,the Imari bowl 10.5cm high, 25cm diameter (3)$100200 538533A three page Japanese woodblock print of a noble man and entourage, Meiji Period,35 x 70cm$300500 534A three page Japanese woodblock print of a court scene, Edo/Meiji Period, 19th century,35 x 74cm$300500 535A three page Japanese woodblock print of three samurai, Meiji Period,35 x 76cm$250350 536A pair of woodblock prints by Hokusai, circa 1810; each approx. 18 x 13cm. (2).$200300 537A Japanese carved ivory figure, Meiji Period, 19th century,5cm high$250350 547'