b'56411408 410A Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze seated A Sino-Tibetan Buddhist statue, Buddha statue, 18th/19th century, 18th/19th century,17cm high. 27cm highPROVENANCE PROVENANCEThe Russell Zeeng Collection The Russell Zeeng Collection$3,0005,000 $1,5002,500409 411An antique Chinese bronze statue ofA Chinese carved hardwood stand,419figures in a boat, 18th/19th century, Qing Dynasty, early 19th century,15cm high, 17cm wide 5cm high, 31cm wide, 13.5cm deep$400600 $200300412An antique Chinese glass statue, porcelain scent bottle and a ceramic ram figure, 19th and 20th century,the glass statue 14cm high (3)$200300 418409'