b'94717716 720 723An Art Deco three piece clock set, blackAn English Art Deco mantel clock ROYAL ALBERT English porcelain cased marble and onyx case with garnitures,in walnut veneer case, table clock with quartz movement, circa 1930, 24cm high, 27cm wide late 20th century,the clock 25cm high, 45cm wide (3) $12020016cm high$8001,200 $4060 717 721 724A vintage German cuckoo wall clock, An Art Deco three piece clock set, pink20th century, Four assorted clocks, 20th centurymarble and ormolu case with garnitures,33cm high including pendulum,the largest 31cm high (4)circa 1930, 19cm wide $4060 the clock 34cm high, 27cm wide (3)$120200 $8001,200 725722 A reproduction wall clock in timber 718 case with quartz movement, An Art Deco mantel clock set, marbleA vintage German cuckoo wall clock inmid to late 20th century,case with gilt metal grape motif,the form of a chalet, 20th century, 85cm highcirca 1930, 34cm high including pendulum,$60100he clock 25cm high, 30cm wide (3) 24cm widet$8001,200$120200726A vintage German wall clock, 719 mid 20th century,A Napoleon hat mantel clock with three21cm high, 24cm widetrain movement in oak case, circa 1920, $4060 retailed through Dunklings, Melbourne,24cm high$100200 716'