b'1491249MICKEY & MINNIE MOUSE: painted and glazed group comprising ceramic scent bottle (no stopper), made in Japan; glass scent bottle mounted on original green bakelite stand and two small ceramic Mickey & Minnie salt & pepper shakers; c.1930s-50s; tallest 11cm.$1502501250MICKEY MOUSE: glazed cream jugs/pitchers (3) of identical design, two with painted features, made in Japan; c.1930s, all 18cm high (3).$120200 1251MICKEY MOUSE CERAMIC CUPS: illustrated tall teacup (cracks) captioned Now where is that horrid Cat, stamped on base Royal Paragon China; another tall cup showing Mickey & Friends playing musical instruments, stamped Superior/Made in Japan; also a miniature teacup (cracked), unknown1249manufacturer; c.1930s-40s, tallest 10.5cm. (3 items)$1502501252MICKEY MOUSE: well-loved Mickey stuffed doll in felt;made in Japan, c.1930s, height 45cm.$120160 1253DISNEY endorsed vintage educational product with large Donald Duck (2) & Mickey Mouse and small Donald Duck paint boxes, Australian made Walter Disney Picture Blocks in original box, Donald Duck wooden stencils (2) and several jigsaws. (small qty)$120200 1254Disney endorsed vintage product with incomplete Japanese made, Mickey Mouse lustre tea set with Teapot (no lid), Sugar Bowl, Creamer, Mug & Saucer, Cup & Saucer (2, one withoutex 1251saucer) and 5 tea plates; also toothbrushes (4), Cussons Pluto toilet soap in box, Donald Duck soap (box only), Addis (Australia) Tooth and Nail Brush Set (box only), neck scarf, card sets (5),1257various stationery/ephemera items incl. Mickey pencil holder, few dolls (poor condition), etc. (small qty) ALICE IN WONDERLAND: painted and glazed ceramic figurines $150250of The Mad Hatter & White Rabbit by Modern Ceramic Products (Sydney), the latter retaining the MCP foil sticker,c. late 1940s, tallest 14cm. (2)1255 $150250 Disney ceramic egg cups, three with figurines attached comprising Donald Duck on Motorbike with egg cup sidecar,1258Pluto (?) pulling egg cup on a cart, another with Brer Rabbit (?) attached; also egg cup with Mickey in boxing ring illustration,BAMBI: painted and glazed ceramic figurine of Bambi Looking plain egg cup holder and miniature cheese block with Mickeysat Blue Butterfly on Tail, no markings, likely Japanese, c.1940s, head atop; c.1930s-50s, tallest 9cm. height 17cm.$120200$120200 1256 1259DISNEY CHARACTERS: painted and glazed ceramic figurinesBAMBI: painted and glazed ceramic figurines with Thumper including Figaro the cat (Pinocchio) and a Micky Mouse creamthe Rabbit (2), Flower the skunk (2) plus Flowers mother; all jug, plus two unidentified Disney "bear" characters, c.1930s-40s,likely made by Modern Ceramic Products (Sydney), one of the tallest 19cm (4). Thumpers retaining the MCP foil sticker, c.1930s, tallest 10cm (5).$150250$150250 1260DONALD DUCK: art deco painted metal lamp featuring Donald holding a large red umbrella forming the shade; some paint loss, c.1930s, height 35cm.$240300 '