b'69Part lot 528 532526 529 532A Japanese traveling jewellery vanityA Japanese pigeon blood cloisonn A Japanese woodblock printbox, lacquer ware with porcelain panels,floral vase, 20th century, of a Geisha girl, Meiji Period,Meiji period, 21.5cm high 40 x 17cm41cm high $120200$200300$250350 530527 Three framed Japanese erotic woodblock A Japanese blue and white porcelainprints, Meiji Period,oval dish with crane decoration,9 x 12cm each (3)Edo Period, 19th century, $120200 28cm wide$120200531A Japanese woodblock print of a 528 samurai battle scene, Meiji Period,Four antique Japanese woodblock prints24 x 45cmby Keisai Eisen (1790-1848), Toyokuni III$250350 (1786-1865), plus two smaller examples,Edo period, first half if the 19th century,the largest 36 x 24cm (4)$400600514'