b"1261039PIANO TUNER'S antique leather tool bag and assorted tools, 19th century,the bag 29cm wide$120200 1040SADDLERS TOOLS: A fine collection of antique saddlers tools in original trunk bearing the initials and date L.H. 1889,a fascinating assortment obviously a craftsmans working kit.the trunk 42cm high, 62cm wide, 40cm deep$400600 10411031 Some 19th Century English Woodworking Tools, Edge and Joiner Tools and Bit Braces by Kennith D. Roberts [Mass. U.S.A. 1980], signed limited edition of 750 copies, faux brown leather boards with gilt lettering, slight 1026 1033 wear but overall good firm copyAn antique moulding plane withThree antique wood planes comprising$80120 adjustable fence, stamped No.5,a JOHN GREEN moulding plane, 19th century, circa 1800, a router plane and a coffin104221.5cm fence lengthplane, 19th century, the router plane $12020039cm wide (3) A collection of antique moulding planes $120200by John Moseley & Son of London, 19th century. Inspection will reward.1027 $500700 An antique moulding plane with1034adjustable fence, 19th century, Antique marking gauge and a small coffin104325.5cm fence length plane, 19th century, $100200the gauge 20cm high (2) Assorted antique and vintage tools $6080including rulers, saws, block plane, scribes etc,1028 the block plane 55.5cm long (10)An antique moulding plane with1035 $120200 adjustable fence and wooden wedges Antique silky oak bevel gauge, antique for depth control, 19th century, German rectangular clamp and an antique1044turn screw (screwdriver), 19th century,22cm fence length$100200the clamp 45cm high (3) A carpenters antique toolbox, $120200spectacularly fitted with compartments with fine mahogany veneer work, 1029 19th century,STANLEY No.71 router,1036 60cm high, 102cm wide, 56cm deepearly 20th century, Three antique wooden router$1,0001,500 20cm wide planes,19th century,$80120(missing one blade), 1045the largest sole 15cm wide (3)$100200Six assorted metal hand tools including 1030 an Australian Falcon No.F5 plane, Stanley Two antique carriage builders planes,No.220 plane, Bailey plane, Stanley 19th century, 1037 No.192 plane,10cm and 14cm soles (2) Two antique wooden routers,Record No.051 and an antique American $15025019th century, saw set by H. Disston & Sons, (missing one blade), 19th and 20th century,1031 17cm and 19.5cm wide (2) the Falcon sole 35.5cm long (6)$60100$200300 Rare Australian cedar wood plane, 19th century,14.5cm sole 1038$120200 Two antique English sailing ship pulley blocks, oak with brass wheels, 1032 19th century,22xm and 30cm high (2)Unusual antique moulding plane with$120200 curved sole, 19th century,11cm sole$100200 "