b'24164 157156 158 160AMBASSADOR WARE English porcelainROYAL DOULTON Titanium DISTEL Dutch pottery stem vase, sweet compote and six plates with greenYoung Mavis English porcelain Phoenix Ware English Art Deco and gilt dragon motif, early 20th century, vase by HARRY ALLEN, circa 1920, porcelain bowl, plus a Tuscan Ware stamped Ambassador Ware, Sohomarked Royal Doulton England,English porcelain cottage ornament, Pottery, England, Titanium, Young Mavis early 20th century,the plates 23.5cm diameter (7) with impressed date mark, the vase 17cm high (3)$10020024cm high $120200 $400600157 161ROYAL DOULTON LAMETH Polar159 Falcon Ware porcelain vase, English float Bear stoneware bibelot, circa 1920s, ROYAL DOULTON Titanium Englishbowl with flower aid and a Noritake salad impressed mark Royal Doultonporcelain vase with crane in flight, bowl with servers, 20th century,Lambeth, England, by HARRY ALLEN, circa 1919, the vase 20cm high, 21cm wide (5)12cm high, 16cm wide marked Royal Doulton England,$80120 $400600 Titanium with impressed date mark,13cm high$250350158 159 165'