b'1461228 12291220 1223Lithographed tinplate toys comprising wind-up Banana JoeMERRYWEATHER TEDDY BEAR: fully jointed black & white monkey pushing a banana cart, c.1950s made by Peter Panbear, green inner ears; well loved, c.1945-1950, height 30cm.Playthings (England); also pre-war Long-necked man mounted$120200 on wheels, marked Made in Germany/K870/D.R.P., c.1940s, height 20.5cm. (2 items)$150250 1224MORITZ (MAX & MORITZ): rare figurine with composite head 1221 and hands and hollow body containing wind-up mechanism (no Tinplate toy selection comprising Louis Marx (USA) wind-upkey), dressed in original felt clothing; c.1930s, height 15cm.Golden Goose; Stollwerck Bros candy Liliputian SavingsMax & Moritz are two humorous schoolboy characters Bank candy store; unusual buckets on a pulley wheel-drivenoriginating from a story written and illustrated by Wilhelm Busch, toy, plus wind-up Mahout riding Elephant with rearing motionpublished in 1865.when activated; c.1920s-30s, tallest 18cm. (4 items) $200300 $150250 12251222 MUTT (MUTT & JEFF): rare comic-character figurine with LITTLE BO PEEP & LAMB AND A CAROUSEL BABYcomposite head and hands, metal ball-jointed body, dressed CARRIAGE: celluloid and tinplate windup toys, the latter within original felt clothing, made by Bucherer (Switzerland); defective umbrella pole; both made in Japan, c.1930s. (2) c. early 1920s, height 15.5cm.$120160$300400 1226TOY GUN: Super Atomatic 450 shot repeater Harmless Paper Buster Gun in metal, by A. Padjon (Australia), original box (defective) with spaceman illustration; c.1950s, length 16cm.$80120 1227TOY GUN: Rare Atomic Powr Space Gun by Glenn (Australia), sturdy plastic construction in bright yellow and blue with red trim on the handle, brass plunger system fires a cork, c.1950s, length 19cm.$300400 1228SPACE RANGER - Z010: prototype or retailers chrome-plated display model, by Moldex Plastics (Australia), mounted on RAAF Map of Australia stand, c.1950s, length 28cm, stand 15 x 9cm, weight 1.74kg.$4006001229SPACE RANGER - Z010: Space rocket by Moldex Plastics (Australia), mounted on three wheels, c.1950s, length 28cm.$1502501220'