b'1241016 1018VINTAGE & ANTIQUE1014 1017Antique jewellery vice, curved woodThree antique coffin planes,TOOLS plane (10cm sole), and a CLIFTON 400one with half steel sole, 19th century,rebate shoulder plane with 8cm sole,the largest sole 24cm long (3)19th and early 20th century, $120200 1007 the vice 9cm high (3)An antique chariot plane, user made with$150250 fine carved ebony handles, 19th century, 10185.5 x 13cm sole, 22.5cm long overall An antique skew rebate plane with $250350 1015 adjustable fence and additional side WILLIAM MARPLES antique ebony andcutting blade, 19th century,brass brace, stamped with Royal warrant,26cm fence length 1008 19th century. $150250An antique infill plane, brass andExamples like these were often rosewood with Ward blade, 19th century, presented to the apprentice of the3.5 x 20cm sole, 26cm long overall year in the 19th century. 1019$150250 33cm high An antique brace with unusual angle$150250 drive handle, 19th century,1009 38cm highAn antique chariot wood plane, solid1016 $120200brass with timber handle and Robe SorbyAn antique skew rebate plane with blade, 19th century, wooden screw adjustable fence,2.5 x 9cm sole, 13cm long overall 19th century,$120200 27cm fence length$2003001010Two miniature luthier finger planes, 19th century,28mm and 30mm soles,4.5cm and 6cm long overall (2)$1502501011An antique infill plane, with old repair, 19th century,8.5cm sole, 10cm long overall$80120 1012An antique wood plane, iron and timber, blade marked T. SORBY, 19th century,8.5cm sole, 10cm long overall$80120 1013Two fine antique spoke shaves, 19th century,10cm and 19cm long (2)$80120 1015 1019'