b'52384386 391A Chinese porcelain dish with underglazeA Vietnamese ceramic vase with floral decoration, 18th/19th century, underglaze blue decoration, 12cm diameter 16th/17th century,$1202007.5cm high, 7.5cm wide$120200 387HOI AN Shipwreck porcelain box,392Vietnamese (Chu Dau), late 15th century, A Vietnamese ceramic lidded box and 4cm high, 5.5cm diameter. three vases, 16th/17th century,$300500the largest 7cm high, 8cm wide (4)$400600 388An archaic style Chinese bronze mirror, 39319.5cm high A Chinese Sancai porcelain plate $120200with underglaze blue decoration, 18th/19th century, 390389 4 character mark to base,23cm diameterA Chinese bronze vase with ornate silver$400600inlay, Ming Dynasty, 16th century,7cm high$250350 394A Chinese porcelain bowl with floral 390 enamel decoration, 18th/19th century,5.5cm high, 12cm diameterA Chinese blanc de chine figural teapot,$200300Ming Dynasty,11.5cm high, 13.5cm wide$250350394 395'