b'30228230215 222WATERFORD Irish crystal set of eightA vintage crystal table lamp and shade, wine glasses, 20th century, pair of candlesticks and an ice bucket, 19cm high (8) 20th century,$250350the lamp 27cm high (4)$100200 216WATERFORD Irish crystal group of 17223assorted glasses, 20th century, Crystal and glass vases, jug, brandythe largest 19cm high (17) balloon, serving dishes, napkin ring etc, $25035019th and 20th century,the largest 30cm high (11)217 $100200 Seven glass decanters with Pall Mall acid etched engraving, 20th century, 224the largest 34.5cm high (7) Assorted crystal and glass ware including $120200two decanters, dishes and bowls, Stuart Crystal compote, condiments etc, 218 20th century,the larger decanter 33cm high (25)Four assorted antique crystal and glass$100200 decanters,the largest 29.5cm high (4)$100200225Five assorted antique glass rummers,219 one with facet cut decoration, 19th century,Five assorted antique crystal and glassthe largest 15cm high (5)decanters, $250350he largest 38.5cm high (5)t$120200226220 KOSTA set of eight Swedish cut crystal champagne flutes, 20th century,Five assorted crystal and glass decanters,engraved Kosta,19th and 20th century, 23.5cm high (8)the largest 29.5cm high (5)$150250 $120200 227221 LOETZ style Bohemian Art Nouveau Eight assorted glass and crystalglass vase with flower aid, circa 1900,decanters including BULLOCH, LADE14.5cm high& Co. whisky advertising example,$120200 19th and 20th century,the largest 32cm high (8)$120200 232'