b'140ex 1161ex 11571153BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Finely Painted Group of British Military Figures: including Royal Regiment of Scotland figures wearings trews (8), Scottish Bagpipe Players (3), Stretcher Bearers (2) with stretcher, Coldstream Guards with Bearskin Hats (9), plus three other items.(25)$220260 1154BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Finely Painted Military Figures on Horseback: c.1950sex 1158group of figures of British & European regiments of the late 19th/early 20th century (11) 1160$250300BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Irish Guards: comprising Marching Figures With Rifle (34), Marching Figures With Sword 1155 (6), Standing Firing Rifles (7), Kneeling Firing Rifles (5), Prone BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Finely Painted Fusiliers:Firing Rifles (6), plus a single figure Kneeling with Binoculars; all in marching stance, including a single officer. (13) many figures with the weapon-carrying arm articulated. (59)$120200$250300 1156 1161BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Gordon Highlanders:BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Kings African Rifles Eighteen figures in Colonial (Boer War) uniform comprisingsoldiers (18, all with articulated left arm holding rifle), plus four Standing Riflemen (4), Kneeling Riflemen (5), Prone RiflemenEgyptian Camel Corps figures with Camels. (22 items)(7), plus single figures Standing with Binoculars or Kneeling with$200250Binoculars. (18).$1001501162BRITAINS: - Monoplane: pre-war propeller-driven monoplane, 1157 green livery, with French colours on tail fin, detachable seated BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Highlanders: group ofpilot, stamped on base MADE IN ENGLAND/BY/BRITAINS LTD/figures including Mounted Officer & Bagpipers (2); most of theLONDON; c.1950s, length 15cm, wingspan 22.5cm.figures with an articulated rifle carrying arm. (21) $150250 $20025011631158 BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Miscellaneous Group: BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Indian & Arabian Militaryc.1950s including Australians (11), U.S. Military Police (8), RAF Pilots Figures on Horseback; with Egyptian Cavalry/Lancers (12),(3), Royal Archers (13), Algerian Tirailleurs (8), Scottish Highlanders Indian Cavalrymen (5), also Bedouins on Camel (2), all with the(3), etc; some figures with articulated arms. (50 items)weapon-carrying arm articulated. (19 items) $250300 $3004001159BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Indian Army Sikhs:Sikh troops carrying rifles, very finely painted. (8)$100150 ex 1170'