b'112894ARTIST UNKNOWN(BRITISH, 19TH CENTURY),pair of East Anglian cottage scene landscapes, circa 1840,oil on board,signed F.J.,Falcon Gallery label verso,9 x 10cm each, 19 x 20cm overall (2)$150250 895ARTHUR DUDLEY(WORKING 1890 TO 1907),still life with basket and fruit,watercolour,signed lower right A. Dudley, 96,27 x 77cm$80120 896ARTIST UNKNOWN,Devotional colour lithograph with overprinted gilt biblical quotationI am the ressurrection and the life.John XI.25. in antique frame with gilt slip, overall 59 x 46cm.$60100 897EUROPEAN SCHOOL(Village Scene),oil on canvas, c.1900,signed indistinctly at lower left,54 x 72cm.893 $200300898RUDOLF HELLGREWE(GERMAN, 1860 - 1926)Landscape at Sunset, c.1900,oil on canvas, signed at lower left,62 x 100cm.$400600899ERNST HUGO VON STENGLIN (GERMAN, 1862 - 1914)(Knitting lesson at school), c.1900,oil on canvas, signed V. Stenglin lower left,with remnant Kunstsalon Keller & Reiner, Berlin label verso,897 in original Theodor Zickendraht frame.55 x 95cm892 893 $8001,200ARTIST UNKNOWNGIUSEPPE FERARRINI (1846 - ?), 900(19TH CENTURY), untitled (Orientalist portrait), ROBERT THORNTON WILDING mourning portrait of a mother watercolour, (ENGLISH),and daughter, signed lower right Giuseppe Ferarrini,Outward Bound,watercolour, 1877,62 x 50cm 52 x 33cm watercolours on board, signed lower right,$6001,000 35 x 25.5cm.$150250$100200'