b'54403 404400 404 407A Chinese bronze temple censer withA large Chinese Imari porcelain bowl,A Chinese porcelain snuff bottle with impressive double dragon mark in relief,19th century, enamel decoration, Daoguang four 19th/20th century, 22cm high, 35cm diameter character mark in iron red, 19th century,9cm high, 19cm wide $6001,000 6cm high$400600 $400600405401 A selection of antique Tibetan bronze A Chinese famille rose circular cushionvessels and statue, 15th century,shaped porcelain box, Qing Dynasty,the largest 14.5cm high (5)late 19th century, $350450 15cm high, 24cm diameter$400600 406A Chinese porcelain jar with 402 boys and fruit on blue A rare and impressive Chinese templeground with carved timber table, carved rosewood with jade panels,lid, Republic period,18th/19th century, 21cm high, 20cm wide86cm high, 130cm wide, 44cm deep $250350$40,00060,000403A Chinese celadon dish with enamel erotic scene decoration, Qing Dynasty, 19th century,13.5cm diameter$120200400406'