b'92702705697 702An antique French mantel clock, rougeCROOKS Patent Sundial clock, brass marble and black slate with gildedand mahogany with geared movement, highlights, timepiece only with Arabiccirca 1890,numerals, 19th century, 21cm high, 14cm wide, 26cm diameter26cm high $300500$120200 703698 A Vienna regulator, triple weight quarter An antique French mantel clock, blackstriking, grand sonnerie wall clock, eight slate case, timepiece only with Romanday movement striking on double gongs numerals, 19th century, for the hour and quarters, circa 1890,19cm high 132cm high$100200$600800 699 704An antique French table clock, whiteThe Huntress antique swinging marble case with Roman numerals,mystery clock, gilt metal and spelter, late 19th century, late 19th century,16cm high 76cm high$60100$1,0001,500700 705A pair of rouge marble and black slateLENZKIRCH German mantel clock,clock garnitures, 19th century, time and strike movement in walnut 23cm high (2) case, late 19th early 20th century,$10020040.5cm high$120200701A French figural mantel clock, timepiece706only in gilt metal, spelter and alabaster,ANSONIA American shelf clock in 19th century, pressed timber case, late 19th century,no pendulum or key, 58cm high35cm high $80120 $120200 704'