b'31228 231DAUM French glass jewellery box LE VERRE FRANCAIS FEUILLES and cover, early 20th century, DORSEILLE pair of French cameo engraved Daum, Nancy glass vases, early 20th century,with cross of Lorraine, no visible signatures,10cm high, 15cm wide 41cm high (2)$600800 $1,5002,500229 232DAUM & MARJORELLE French orangeLE VERRE FRANCAIS FEUILLES glass and hand wrought iron vase,DTABAC tall French cameo glass circa 1900, vase, circa 1920,engraved Daum, Nancy, Marjorelleengraved Le Verre Francais, with cross of Lorraine, 54.5cm high29.5cm high, 20cm wide $1,0001,500$1,6002,000233230 MULLER FRERES French Art Deco DAUM and EDGAR BRANDT glass vase with silver inclusions, French art glass centrepiece withcirca 1920s,wrought iron handle, circa 1900, engraved Muller Freres, Luneville,the glass etched Daum, Nancy 35.5cm highwith cross of Lorraine, the iron $400600stamped E. Brandt,20cm high, 25cm wide$1,0001,500 229231 233'