b'19117LOWESTOFT Rare English porcelain bowl beautifully painted with Chinese figures in landscape in a famille verte pallet, circa 1770,6.5cm high, 15cm diameterPROVENANCEJ. G. Carpenter Collection, U.K$1,2001,500118CHELSEA English porcelain figure of a young cherub kneeling on a flower encrusted base, circa 1770,later replacement candle holder,20 cm high$400600 117119WEDGWOOD early English porcelain potpourri in sage green jasper ware, late 18th century,impressed Wedgwood,7cm high, 12cm wide$200300120An 18th century bisque porcelain statue with incised crown and cross mark No.193; together with a 19th century glazed version (unmarked),24cm and 22cm high (2)$250350 119121A Paris porcelain antique French teapot with dragon head spout and gilded highlights, early 19th century,23cm high, 19cm wide$200300122Two Staffordshire porcelain statues, circa 1840,23cm and 24cm high (2)$150250 123WEDGWOOD black basalt Mercury bust, 19th century,impressed stamp Wedgwood, Mercury,27cm high$150250 121'