b'1348An English sterling silver baby rattle with whistle end and mother of pearl handle, made in Birmingham, circa 1894,9.5cm high$20030049An antique German paper knife,steel blade with silver collar and carved marine ivory handle, 19th century,22.5cm long$20030050An English sterling silver dessert cutlery set with mother of pearl handles plus57original walnut box, setting for twelve with additional cake knife,by Charles Allen & Sydney Darwin of Sheffield, circa 1893,the box 30.5cm wide$400600 51 56 58A pair of silver plated fish servers withAn antique sterling silver cigar cutter A Belle Epoch French silver traveling finely carved ivory handles, 19th century, with ornately carved ivory handle, necessaire, beautifully crafted with the larger 32cm long (2) made by Sampson Mordan & Co. original contents and miniature timepiece $120200 of Chester, circa 1913, visible from the front, a rare piece in very 16cm long good condition, circa 1910,$300400 7cm high52 $8001,200A pair of antique fish servers, silver plate57with carved ivory handles, 19th century, A Swiss travel clock, silver with stunning the knife 32cm long (2) blue guilloch enamel, in original plush $100200fitted leather box with original key, early 20th century,53 retailed by Theodore B. Starr Inc,An English sterling silver teapot New York,made in Birmingham, circa 1911, marked Majestic Watch Co. Swiss,24cm high, 830 grams total 7cm high, 8.5cm wide$400600$1,0001,50054A sterling silver snuff box with repouss decorated top, interior with original gilt wash finish, 19th century,stamped 925 with various pictorial marks,5.5cm wide, 57 grams$20030055An antique sterling silver cigarette case (96 grams), an oval sterling silver jewellery box, and two antique leather coin purses,the jewellery box 9cm wide (4)$200300 58'