b'138ex 11381137ex 11421139 11411137 1141MARKLIN: - Anti-Aircraft Gun: cast iron with brass gun barrel,SACUL (UK): - Solid Cast Lead Figures - Disney Characters: gun elevation controlled by the turning the handle of a gearedcomprising Mickey & Minnie Mouse (both with wire tails), Pluto brass mechanism, camouflaged carriage, faded MARKLINand Goofy; all except Minnie are freestanding, and all are cast in stamp on carriage plate; c.1930s, length 12cm, height 10cm,wonderfully expressive poses; tallest Goofy at 85mm;weight 480g. c. early 1950s. Rare. (4)$400600 $6008001138 1142M.I.M.(Masterpieces in Miniature, Belgium): - Solid CastTIMPO:- Hollow Cast Lead Figures - Indian Lead Figures - Roman Legionnaires: four marching figures, twoBig Game Hunting: with Bull Elephant (height with shields, one with wolfs headdress, plus a legionnaire on120mm), Tigers (4) three with spear wounds horseback carrying a baton, all with descriptive inscription and(two with spears lodged), Maharajah with M.I.M. makers mark on base, c.1950s. (5 items) Howdah, Native Hunters with Spears (4), $400600 and three other figures; c.1950s. Desirable group. (14 items)1139 $500750M.I.M.(Masterpieces in Miniature, Belgium): - Solid Cast Lead Figures - Napoleonic Wars Grenadiers: three Imperial1143Guard Officers mounted on horseback (detachable), one beingTIMPO:- Lead Figures - Clowns: several a standard bearer, each inscribed on base 1r Empire/Gardeplaying musical instruments, unusually fine Imp/Grenadiers 1804-1815/Depose 139-158/Belgium and withwith paintwork in good order; c.1950s. (8)M.I.M. makers mark; c.1950s. (3) $150200 $40050011441140 BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - M.I.M.(Masterpieces in Miniature, Belgium): - Solid Cast LeadAssorted Foreign Troops: wearing late Figures - Napoleonic Wars Grenadiers: twelve marching figures,19th/early 20th century uniforms/battle each carrying musket with fixed bayonet, all inscribed on basedress comprising Austro-Hungarian (8), 107/1r Empire/Garde Imp/1812/3e Rgt/Grenadiers and withEgyptian (6), German (19), Japanese (8) & M.I.M. makers mark; c.1950s. (12 items) Uruguayan (8) figures; all with the weapon $400600 arm articulated, Japanese figures with both arms articulated. (49)$200300ex 1140'