b'83622627 629 631A starburst Art Deco mirrored wall shelf,MOUSEMAN timber bar stool An Italian painted wrought iron fire screen circa 1930, with iron leg rail, circa 1930, with floral decoration, 20th century,34cm high, 61cm wide designed by Robert Thompson with his72cm high, 81cm wide, 17cm deep$150250trademark carved timber mouse to the$150250 inside leg,628 78cm high, 37.5cm wide, 29.5cm deep 632An Art Deco occasional table, $600800 An Italian wall mirror, gilt finished cast walnut and maple veneer, circa 1930, resin and glass, circa 1950s,62cm high, 98cm wide, 52cm deep 630 90 x 58cm$300500A vintage gilt framed mirror $60100 with bevelled glass, circa 1940,63 x 67cm$80120 629623'